Office Lady and Her Doll

Christian Louboutin ballet heelsHello. Recently I was looking for some special shoes for our last shoot. I really wanted to get a pair of Louboutin ballet heels, which look pretty awesome on girls’ feet, they not only make legs look longer but also give them great looking shape. Absolutely not for everyday walking, but they are a must-have for erotic games and my shoots. Smile You can see how they look in the image.

Unfortunately, I coudn’t find such a rare thing at the local Christian Christian Louboutin ballet heelsLouboutin store.  They don’t even know about these shoes here.  Shock

But while searching the web, I found a pretty nice analog. And the shoes I found look more like points with heels.  I loved them and ordered!

The shoot was great.  I dressed Raven like a submissive doll in a black leotard, fishnets and a mask.  The key point of the look was those heels.

Adria was wearing ordinary office lady outfit with a pair of nice pantyhose, high heels, pencil skirt and white blouse.

Here are some non-nude photos from the shoot. If you like them, you can go to the Strapless Dildo and check out the trailer and screenshots.

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